AC COBRA, The Most Iconic Of Vehicle Shapes

This website was originally to just be a record of my AK 427 Sportscars build, but after a great deal of thought, I decided to do a larger site with plenty of information for builders of all marques of the replica AC COBRA. Please feel free to use the buttons to navigate my site:-

COBRA will take you to the general cobra resource pages, where I hope to include information that will be useful to both the experienced builder and the novice alike.

MY AK BUILD will document me building an AK 427 Sportscar, from overhauling the Jaguar suspension parts to IVA and registration.

CLUTCH CONVERSION gives information on the sierra cable to hydraulic clutch conversions that I do.


The AC COBRA, what a car in its day, it was beautiful then and it’s still beautiful today. Which is probably why it’s regarded as the most copied replica in the kit car business, and why I’ll be building my second AC COBRA replica this year. Building a kit car had been a dream of mine for many years and back in 2002 I mentioned this dream to my partner at the time, Alison who decided that she would start me off on my car building pastime by buying me a chassis for my 40th birthday.

We attended the Exeter kit car show and I met some of the AC COBRA owners who made us really welcome and showed us their cars. We looked at many of the COBRA replica manufacturer’s stands but decided on the Pilgrim Sumo, mainly due to the program on TV detailing the building of a Sumo, and before long Ali had paid the price and a delivery date was set and my life was to be changed forever! It took me 13 months to get the Sumo built and SVA’d and many years were then spent driving it, upgrading it and driving it some more. By late 2009 I felt that I had taken my sumo as far as I could with engine and suspension changes and that the only way I could get it any better was to spend silly money on it which I wasn’t prepared to do.

So, I decided to sell my beloved Sumo and use the money to part fund my next COBRA but I still had to decide which marque to go for. During my time with the Sumo I had joined the UK Cobra replica club and became an active member of the forum, I also joined the committee and eventually became the club chairman for some time. Because of this I had gotten to know a large group of the COBRA community and consider many of them to be good friends, this has allowed me to see at first hand just how good or bad the different brands were. Fortunately for me, and anyone else thinking of getting a replica cobra, there doesn’t seem to be a bad kit out there which left me with the dilemma of which kit to go for. I had met Jon Freeman and his wife Wendi at Elvington airfield on a cobra track day and became friends with them and everyone else at AK and have a lot of faith in the AK427 kit they produce, so much so that I recommended that kit to my top mate Andy when he decided to build a COBRA for himself. Unfortunately due to my size I couldn’t comfortably drive the standard AK but with some careful measuring the Freeman family have made me a bespoke AK chassis and body especially for my manly proportions. My new build awaits me..........