When I built my Sumo I used the tried and tested Pilgrim method of using a MK2 Granada clutch cable to operate the clutch on my Rover sourced engine and gearbox. This method seemed fine at first but the cable soon snapped due to the bends that had to be introduced to make the cable work. After the second cable snapped then I decided to do something about it and designed my own hydraulic conversion for the Ford Sierra pedal box. I took my pedal box out and designed and welded on a bracket arrangement which enabled me to use a standard master cylinder coupled with a Rover slave cylinder and remote reservoir to have a fully working hydraulic clutch set-up. A good friend had his cable snap and asked me whether I could convert his pedal box to also use a hydraulic set-up which I duly did, since then I have made many converted pedal boxes for Sumo and Fierro owners so they could get rid of the problematic cable operated clutch.

I now do a conversion service where I will convert your pedal box to go hydraulic. The three main systems I offer are as follows: -

Option 1

You send me your pedal box and I weld on the brackets at the correct angles to operate a standard master cylinder then post the pedal box back,

the price for this is £100.00

Option 2

As option 1 but I also supply the master cylinder, slave cylinder and all the other parts required to do the job,

The price for this is £220.00

Option 3

You bring the car to me and I remove the pedal box, convert it, fit all the necessary pipe work, refit the pedal box and give you back your cobra with a fully working hydraulic clutch set-up

The price for this is £550.00

Of course if you already have some parts, a slave cylinder perhaps, then I can also do part-kits and prices will vary accordingly, please contact me for details.

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